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10 year old girl wrote dad beating her and mom in school essay

10 year old girl wrote dad beating her and mom in school essay 

10 year old girl wrote dad beating her and mom in school essay. A small essay of a 10- year old girl showed her painful journey in Kolkata. When a teacher of a school in Salt Lake asked the class V student to write an essay on "My Family", she had no idea what will come as a shock from that calm kid. The suppressed girl wrote "My dad is a bad man. He beats my mom regularly. Mom and I cry every night. No one cares for us. Even our uncles have turned a deaf ear for us. Dad beats me also. This is my family." - 

That was not all but later she wrote what she will do after growing up "When I will grow up, I will take my mother far away from my dad." That hurtful essay shocked the teacher who discussed the matter of the girl going through such severe situation with the principal of the school. They later consulted the school counselor and her parents were contacted. - 

After the sessions of counseling them, the parents were advised to live separately unless the father changes his behavior and girl starts respecting her father again. Some may think that the essay was written by a small kid only and takes it as childish but is it not serious? For how long we will ignore the harassment a child facing at home? Whether it is a physical or mental situation, but both affects the kids severely on which we put our blind eyes.
The parental consultant, Payel Ghosh added that at least the kid got good and comfortable environment in the school where she did not hesitate to share it through her writing. But the level of conflicts emerge in the mindset of a child, becomes unable to understand for the society due to the complexity.

It also creates serious physical and emotional problems among children which becomes difficult for a child to explain. Physical health outcomes are injuries, headaches, permanent disability, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, self-injurious behavior like smoking, unprotected sex; and mental health effects can be depression, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or post traumatic stress disorder.

It may cause fatal disorders such as suicide, homicide, maternal mortality, or even HIV/AIDS. People are facing such issues every now and then but they are least concerned about it. The daily coming news from almost every corner of the country- rural areas to urban and metropolitan cities is showing that the domestic violence on a child is happening everywhere. In fact, this type of domestic violence against children is second most reported and against women is the most reported cases in the country. But the question arises what are doing for removing this evil. The problem is it is a common issue but not even commonly discussed among different peer groups in our Indian society.

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